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TARTARINI Tartarini, Emerson


EZR Series
Pilot-Operated Pressure Reducing Regulators


The type EZR pilot-operated, pressure
reducing regulator designed to give accurate, smooth, quiet operation, tight shutoff, and long life, even in dirty service.
It is also available with a slam-shut
device, the type EZR-OS2, which can
provide either overpressure protection or
overpressure and underpressure protection by completely shutting off the flow
of gas to the downstream system.
The EZR Series can be installed in various
natural gas applications such as transmission/distribution systems, industrial and
commercial facilities.
The EZR Series is in conformity with
the Pressure Equipment Directive PED
2014/68/UE and is classifed under
Category IV.
Available Configurations
Type EZR (Boot Style):
Pilot-operated pressure reducing
regulator for low to high outlet pressure
Type EZR-OS2:
Type EZR with slam-shut device for
overpressure (OPSO) or overpressure and
underpressure (OPSO/UPSO) protection
Body Sizes
DN 25, 50, 80,100, and 150
(NPS 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6)
End Connection Styles
PN 16 B, 25 B, 40 B
CL150, CL300, and CL600
Maximum Operating Inlet Pressure
72.4 bar
Maximum Operating Differential
55.2 bar
Minimum Operating Differential
3 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
10 mbar to 69 bar
Pressure Registration
• Tight Shutoff
• Versatility
• Easily Maintained Pilots
• Full Usable Capacity
• Easy Maintenance
• High Accuracy Pressure

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