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Type R/25
Spring-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators

TARTARINI Tartarini Emerson


The type R/25 two-stage pressure regulator is designed for use in a wide range of
both domestic and industrial applications
and can also be mounted in individual
domestic gas systems and meters.
Their main features include compact size
for space saving, high-quality materials,
high regulation accuracy, easy setting
and maximum reliability of safety devices.
Their trouble-free operation is ensured in
all mounting positions.
The type R/25 regulator is suitable for
both outdoor and indoor installations as
a highly sensitive safety device ensures
the release of gas to the atmosphere in

case of overpressure.
Body Sizes and End Connection
G 3/4” x G 1 1/4” UNI ISO 228/1
right angle (3/4” soft seal x 1 1/4” GAS)
Maximum Inlet Pressure
6 bar
Inlet Pressure Range
0.1 to 6 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
15 to 50
Accuracy Class
Up to ±5%
Lock-Up Pressure Class
Up to 10%
Built-in Shutoff Valve
Accuracy Group: ±5%
Response Time: ≤1 s
Orifice Size
• Two-Stage Regulation
• Built-In Relief Valve
• Overpressure and Underpressure Shutoff Valve
• Manual Reset
• Built-in Filter with 0.5 mm
Filtering Capacity
Temperature Capabilities
Working: -20° to 60°C
Approximate Weight
1.4 kg
For full details consult the documentation available on our website:



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