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Type RLC/20
Pneumatic-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators


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The type RLC/20 regulators are
pneumatic-loaded, single seated, with
counterbalanced valve disc.
They are normally employed in gas
distributing stations for automotive use.
They can also be used in industrial
installations using high pressure
gas compressed in cylinders and
cylinder-truck installations normally fed
through the pipeline.
Body Size and End Connection
1" NPT Threaded
DN 20 PN 350 Flanged
Inlet Pressure
Body Allowable Pressure: 320 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 bar
Inlet Pressure Range: 30 to 320 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
20 to 250 bar
Minimum Operating Differential
10 bar
Accuracy Class
Up to ±2.5%
Lock-Up Pressure Class
Up to 5%
Class of Lock-Up Pressure Zone
Up to 10%
Built-In Relief Valve
Setting at +5% of the regulator setting value
Orifice Size
• Counterbalanced Valve
• Welding or Threaded
Flange Configurations
• Built-in Relief Valve and
Type RLC/20
Pneumatic-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators
Temperature Capabilities
Standard Version:
Working: -10° to 60°C
Low Temperature Version:
Working: -20° to 60°C
Approximate Weight
100 kg
For full details consult the documentation available on our website:






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