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TARTARINI Tartarini Emeron

Type RPE
Electric Pilot Heater


The type RPE electric pilot heater is used
for reheating gas supplying pressure
reducing regulator pilots.
The type RPE avoids the inconveniences
caused by freezing
whichoccur during
large pressure drops.
Two versions of the type RPE are available:
Electrical Pilot Heater
The type RPE (with a heating element)
is installed in a vertical position and

isaffxed to the actuator bolts of the
A thermostat and power relay must be
installed in a non-explosive risk zone.
Regulator Bottom Electrical Heater
This version is normally used for relief
lines. The Type RPE is assembled with
four screws to the bottom of the
The type RPE can be installed in a

hazardous atmosphere and must be
installed between the
pilotflter and the
pre-expansion relay.
The type RPE is in conformity with the
Directive for Equipment or Protective

System intended for use in potentially
explosive atmospheres 94/9/CE. It is

classifed under Group II, Category 2.
Electrical Material for Explosive
Protection: EEx d IIC T2

Classifcation: ISSeP 03 ATEX 090
Maximum Operating Pressure
Thermometer Pocket with Heating
Element: 100 bar
Temperature Measurement
Interchangeable Thermic Probe: 10 kΩ
Two Interchangeable Heating Cartridges:
280 W - 230 V
Connected in Series: 140 W

• Robust Design
• Large Range of Utilization

Temperature Regulation Range
Thermostat: -30 to 90° C
Power Supply
Power Relay: Imax:2 A ; U:250 V~
Thermostat: 2 A
Power Relay: 2 A
Pneumatic Connections
Inlet - Outlet: 1/4 NPT - tube 8/10
Electrical Connections
Electrical Type RPE Box:
3/4 NPT for cable snap-on
Electrical Wiring: Customer
Heater: 1 kg
Heater with Heating Element: 4 kg
For full details consult the documentation available on our website:



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