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Turbine Meter


The IGTM-CT turbine gas meter:

Meets all relevant standards (EN, ISO, OIML, etc.) and is approved for custody transfer in the European Union and many other countries, for instance, MID, and has numerous other metrological approvals. It is a precisely measuring gas meter with a register and with various electronic pulse outputs.

The IGTM-CT meter can be used for measurement of various kinds of gases, such as natural gas, air, nitrogen, hydrogen, biogas*), acid gas *) and more.


The IGTM-CT meter is available for the following ranges:

  • From 5 to 10,000 m³/h

  • With diameters of DN 50 (2“) to DN 400(16“)

  • With flanges PN 10 – PN 100 or ANSI 150 – 300 – 600 (RF or RTJ)

  • With low-frequency Reed (contact) sensors and high-frequency  NAMUR sensors

  • In carbon steel, spheroidal cast iron or special steel*)

  • With standard (1:20) or improved measuring range

  • Many options (calibration, certificates, special wishes)


*) Special design



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