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Type OSE
Slam-Shut Valves


Fisher tartarini Emerson


The type OSE slam-shut valve is used to
totally and rapidly cut the gas flow when
the pipeline pressure exceeds the set
pressure or when the pipeline pressure
drops below the set pressure.
The type OSE consists of a valve, a
water-tight mechanism box, and a
manometric device.
A double stage mechanism detects any
pressure variances.
Detection is the
frst stage and the mechanism will only trip when the pipeline
pressure reaches the set pressure.
The second stage is the power stage;
once tripped, the closing spring causes
the valve plug to slam shut and remain
closed until the valve is manually reset.
The OSE is in conformity with the
Pressure Equipment Directive
PED 2014/68/UE and is
classifed under
Category IV.
Available Configurations
Type OSE:
Slam-Shut Valve DN 25 to DN 150
(NPS 1 to 6) with Internal By-pass
Type OSE LS:
Slam-Shut Valve DN 200 and DN 250
(NPS 8 and 10) with External By-pass
Manually Operated
Body Sizes
DN 25, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, and 250
(NPS 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10)
End Connection Styles
PN 100B2, 50 B1, 20 B
CL150, CL300, CL600
Pressure Ratings
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 100 bar
Maximum Set Pressure or Maximum
Body Rating: 100 bar
Minimum Set Pressure: 10
Maximum Shutoff Pressure Differential:
100 bar
• Overpressure and
Underpressure Protection
• Two-Stage Tripping
• High Accuracy
• Easy In-Line Maintenance
• Water-Tight
• Manually Rearmed
Pressure Registration
Pressure Sensing and Vent
1/4" NPT
Manometric Sensing Device
Spring Ranges: 10
mbar to 72.9 bar
Max Sensing Inlet Pressure: 72.9 bar
Set-point Tolerance: 0.004 bar to 12 bar
Maximum Difference between
Overpressure and Underpressure: 33 bar
Temperature Capabilities
-30° to 71°C
• Explosion-proof switch
• Non-explosion proof limit switch
• Solenoid
• Additional manometric device for extra
pressure sensing
Approximate Weight
14 to 577 kg
For full details consult the documentation available on our website:



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