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Silencers for Pressure Regulator Installations


Silencers are noise reduction system
devices which are commonly installed in a

regulator as a remedy for noise pollution.
Available Configurations
Type SR:
This silencer is
ftted near the regulator
shutter and is highly
effcient up to a
theoretical speed of 80 m/s calculated at
the outlet flange.
Higher than this speed, noise may be
generated by the expansion cone, usually
installed downstream of the regulator,
and may require an additional noise
reduction solution.
Type SRII:
The SRII silencer is the next generation
of type SR and is used in case of extreme
service conditions (dirty gas, high
pressure drops, and high gas velocities).
Noise characteristics are very similar to
the standard SR.
Type SRS and SRSII:
The SRS consists of an SR silencer plus a
widened outlet flange in which a second
silencer is
The SRSII consists of an SRII silencer
plus a widened outlet flange in which a

second silencer is ftted.
In both
confgurations the second
silencer has an initial multi-path section
and a second multi-stage section.
These silencers are highly
effcient under
all operating conditions and are not
limited by the theoretical speed on the
regulator outlet flange.
Type STP:
Usually used downstream of SRS or SRSII
silencers but can also be combined with a
SR silencer.

Overall reduction in noise level is the
sum of the reduction produced by SR/
SRII or SRS/SRSII plus the STP induced
reduction. The type STP silencer consists
of one or more porous channels clad with

soundproofng material.


Sound penetrates inside the soundproof
layer and is transformed into heat by
friction of the gas flow.
The silencer is
ftted in the pipe and is
secured with two flanges.
Two types of silencers are available:
• STP10 10 dB (A) attenuation,
approximate length of 1 m
• STP10 20 dB (A) attenuation,
approximate length of 2 m
For full details consult the documentation available on our website:


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